Livestock Feed

At Old Farmhouse Feed and Garden center we carry a wide variety of quality feed for livestock, as well as hay and supplements. We are glad to help you find the best fit for your animals. Here is a list of the many brands we carry for livestock:

  • Purina’s full line
  • Mazuri
  • Golden Harvest
  • North West horse supplement
  • LMF horse feeds and supplements

Oraganic Feed Options

Scratch and Peck- The first non-gmo feed manufacturer in North America in 2012 and in 2013 becoming certified organic. The first feed manufacturer to hold both badges! All Scratch and Peck feed is never over-processed into pellets and there is no use of any unnatural additives or medications in the products.

We also carry Payback organic alfalfa pellet

Non-GMO Options

Modesto Millings Rabbit food- Using certified organic ingredients in all the rabbit fomulas. Products are not made with corn, soybean meal, or canola meal. Organic yucca is used as well as other powerful properties of garlic, anise oil, horseradish, and juniper berry oil.

Earth First Chicken feed- Products have many natural ingredients including chelated minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, added omegas, and all while removing items of high GMO concern.


  • Eastern Oregon alfalfa
  • Eastern Oregon orcahrd
  • Local straw

If we don’t carry a product that you need, we will do our best to find it and get it for you.