In the Garden This Month–Tips for Winterizing your Flock

Tips for Winterizing your Flock  

  •  Keep ALL drafts out of the coops make sure to keep doors and windows shut.
  • Proper ventilation is key make sure no leaks or moisture is getting inside the coops.
  • Light stimulates chickens to lay maintain a 16 hour day length with artificial light 25-40 watt bulb that’s incandescent, CFL, or led equivalent. Do not keep lights on 24 hours a day!
  • Don’t forget to collect eggs often to prevent them from freezing.
  • Make sure there is constant access to feed. Intake will increase in the cold 0.3 lbs./bird/day.
  • Water in the coop should never be frozen make sure to check water often. You can use a heated water base if desired.
  • Not to heat the coop is recommended chickens can stay warm on their own with a body temp of 106 f. The feather and down provide insulation as long as you have eliminated any drafts and insulated the coop.