Who We Are

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We are a family-owned and operated a business here in Eagle Creek, Oregon. We service customers from all over Clackamas and Multnomah counties. We believe in tailoring our business to the needs of our customers. This means that if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it for you! We also have a strong focus on supporting our community and local businesses, so we feature locally-made products wherever we can. We’ve been growing and preserving our own food and raising our own animals for over 20 years and we love to help people get started with their own urban homesteading lifestyle. We provide support and advice for new gardeners and animal owners as well as do-it-yourself solutions and project ideas throughout the store. As part of our commitment to a sustainable lifestyle we stock organic plants, produce, and seeds as well as “green solutions” which are our environmentally-friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.



Wendy is the owner and manager of the store. She has taught middle school science for 25 years and is now pursuing her passion for gardening, producing her own food and raising her own animals. One of her favorite hobbies is to grow cactus and succulents in her greenhouse. She loves to put together cactus bowls and propagate new cactus babies.



Jan 22 2013 001Phyllis

Is Wendy’s mom. She is a great help to all of us. She is responsible for growing most of the plants that we sell. She knows intimately what the plants need and how they will look in the ground. She is a great resource for us and for our customers.




Todd is Wendy’s husband. He teaches middle school science. He is our weekend and summer helper. He is an avid gardener and canner. He loves growing his garlic and making garden vegetable stews.




Caelan is 16 years old, in the 11’th grade, and also Wendy’s son. He has grown up around gardens and animals. He is is quite chatty and loves to visit with customers about their plant needs. He is a great help around the store.




Chloe is 21 years old and Wendy’s daughter. She loves trees and has a collection of drawings and pictures that she has collected.  She is amazing with animals and we call her the “cat whisperer” because of her ability to work with the wild cat population and keep them calm.




Bambi loves the Old Farmhouse family and is happy to be here. Bambi enjoys cuddling her two rats named Capulet and Montague. She also likes drawing, listening to musicals, and building her latest robotics project.





Erik grew up in Southeast Portland and moved to Estacada in 2013. He really likes the change of pace after living in the city his entire life. Erik enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, and drinking a big tall glass of sweet tea.






Pete the Parrot

Pete is an Amazon Yellow Front talking parrot. He has a vocabulary of about 400 words. He was born in Panama and we got him 49 years ago when we were stationed in the Canal Zone for the U.S. Military. He is a well-traveled bird and goes everywhere with us. Wendy brings him into the store every day she is working and takes him home at night. He is friendly when the mood suits him and takes naps frequently (when the mood suits him)



Ashes is our grandma kitty. She just showed up one day and decided to adopt us. She is very friendly and loves to be petted. She will not hesitate to jump into your lap if you let her. She is quite a rat killer and keeps things in the store safe from those pests. However, coconut covered zingers are her favorite food.



intro rockyRocky

Rocky is a polydactyl cat with 13 toes on his front feet. He spends his days playing with Rex and has recently discovered the upstairs where he loves to walk on the railing along the top of the store. What a daredevil!



Into boysMax and Smoky

Max and Smoky are our rat patrol in the warehouse. They are both rescued mini-pins and they love their work. They get rewards every time they get a rat in the warehouse. With them on patrol, our feed loses from the rats has decreased significantly. Good job boys.


intro stumpy tuxStumpy Tux

Stumpy Tux is a stray cat that lives in our hay barn. He keeps the rat and mice population under control. He is feral and doesn’t enjoy human company. He got his name from the loss of his tail. He had a string constricting his tail but wouldn’t let us close to help get it off. Eventually, he lost that part of his tail. We found the tail later and gave it a proper burial.